DURASTEEL® Fire Protection Systems  - Distributed in Australia by Promat Australia
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  Product Benefits

Tested to 4 Bar blast resistance
Impact resistant
Maintenance free
Requires no foundations
Space saving
Engineered for fast track construction
Flexible installation
Offers up to 360 minutes fire protection
Employs only dry trade installation methods
Re-locatable and suitable for retro-installation
Proven 40 year design life
Tested to Hose Stream test ASTM E119 to 5 Bar pressure
Tested to DIN 4102 to 4000J hard body impact after fire test
Non-combustible with zero spread of flame
Man made mineral fibre (MMMF) free
Modular or kit-form construction
Load bearing and non loadbearing constructions
Resistant to the most onerous fire curves, e.g. hydrocarbon, jet fire etc.



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75 years of high performance fire protection
DURASTEEL® stands alone as a unique ‘fit-and-forget’ fire protection system    

A Durable Fibre Cement & Steel Composite Building Material

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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