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DURASTEEL® is a composite panel of fibre reinforced cement, mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both surfaces. It is classified as noncombustible in accordance with many national and international standards and is highly resistant to moisture even when saturated. It will not absorb combustible fluids and its fire resistant qualities are exceptional. DURASTEEL® is highly resistant to impact and blast, enabling it to withstand prolonged exposure to cellulosic, hydrocarbon or jet fire types.

DURASTEEL® also withstands hose-stream action and, thanks to its very low rate of moisture absorption, it can be used in many external applications. It is not susceptible to the damage often caused by moisture during the early stages of delivery and installation of the system, or by sprinkler actuation. DURASTEEL® is a "fit-and-forget" system requiring very little maintenance.


System Application For Industry


System Application For Power Generation


System Application For Hydrocarbon Industries

Intumex Asia Pacific have used their specialist technical and engineering skills to develop fire and blast protection for some of the world’s most vulnerable industries. Petrochemical plants are just one of them. DURASTEEL® proactive fire resistant system and fire blast explosion resistant system combine to fortify and protect vulnerable or hazardous areas, minimising the likelihood of major disaster.

The need for effective protection of personnel, plant, stores and property in industry and military installations is vital. DURASTEEL® is proven to contain fire within compartments of a production area or storage facility, thus allowing evacuation of personnel, minimising disruption of processes and preventing the destruction of valuable products.


In an industry where concern for environmental protection increases almost as rapidly as demand for energy, constant technological development in both conventional and innovative power generation fuels continuing change. The flexibility and adaptability of DURASTEEL® meets the needs of innovative solutions.


System Application For Commerce


System Application For Transportation Industries


DURASTEEL® is the first choice proactive fire protection system for a wide range of structures, including high rise offices and hotels, airports, retail parks, leisure complexes, public buildings and government institutions.


DURASTEEL® is lightweight, robust and ideally suited to the external environment of all trackside, station and rolling stock fire protection requirements for road and rail tunnels.


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